About CHAI

Community Hope Alternatives, Inc. (CHAI) is a non stock, non- profit organization that assists poor Filipinos by bringing various opportunities that can help them improve their living conditions. Established in January 2008, it has targeted poverty issues including access to good quality education, livelihood, improved health and nutrition, and responsible harnessing and utilization of natural resources.

71660_452900852567_6830387_nIts humble beginnings can be traced in a small garage of the current Board of Trustees Chairman, Engr. Wenceslao Dela Viña where he started providing healthy snacks to the kids who come from a community of informal settlers. It was from there that the weekly supplemental feeding began, which also paved way for the weekly tutorial of preschool and elementary children. It has partnered with the University of the Philippines, Los Baños, Pahinungod to teach children and help them with their various academic requirements.

CHAI greatly believes in empowering the people through capacity building for a more sustainable development and values the ideas and concerns of all stakeholders.  It believes in character development as a significant tool in bringing forth justice, equality, and transparency among communities effecting improvement of the quality of life.

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